WTF is This For?


Not to dwell on bathroom happenings again, but WTF is this for?  Using the bathroom above the South Campus diner, which hasn’t been updated since the football team was desegregated, I see this…thing at the end of a row of urinals.  Like, what could this possibly be for?  You have about a 4 foot space to work with right here, which is complete overkill.  Nobody has aim that bad.  Seriously, about the only thing I could see using this is one of the aliens from District 9.  Handicapped people have the stall, we have the urinals…it’s gotta be 9 foot tall prawns this is for, right?

If anything, this is just inviting douchebags like myself to poop in the urinals.  Not a smart decision by UMD.  You could practically sit down and finish the Sunday New York Times while party-logging this bad boy.  I just feel bad for the janitors over the years who have to clean this bathroom.  How many times do you think they’ve had to reach in and clean this thing with the amount of douchers put through this school over the years?  And for that I have to say:   Lo siento compadres.