Sup Ma Nerds


Courtesy of Google Images Search and some blog called The Tattler

Welcome to knoxboxer, an overwhelmingly mediocre blog created partly because I am enrolled in a blogging class at the University of Maryland (thanks for the 30k in tuition money mom and dad) and partly because I figured its about damn time to have someone stand up and represent the inhabitants of the slums of College Park, the Knox Boxes.  Similar to Nas representing Queensbridge with his rap, I’ll be representing the Knox Box area with local drink and bar reviews, uninformed opinion pieces on sports, numerous posts making fun of nerds and dweebs, and some other crap probably.  Whatever.

The only things you need to know about me are that I am a Senior(soon to be Super-Senior) at the University of Maryland, I love being poor because I am an English major and I’m spectacularly average.  Besides my BMI of course…whaddup 150th percentile!

If you’re looking for an academic and informed blog, dealing with the pressing issues of our time, go throw yourself down a staircase.  If you’re looking to maybe laugh, or at least procrastinate a little bit more before finally doing work, grab a beer and join us.